Preserve Your Holiday

In two days we’ll all wake up to beautifully wrapped boxes under a pine tree - real or plastic, we don’t judge - and we’ll share a wintry holiday morning with our families. There will be stockings, toys, socks and more socks and we’ll love it because we realize we need more socks.
Every year we create precious memories through our holiday traditions and connect a little more with our loved ones. Growing up in my home, it was tradition that dad would distribute the presents to each kid and once we were surrounded by our gifts he would take a picture of us. 
But he didn’t take pictures of us opening every gift or a picture of us surrounded by our unwrapped presents at the end.
Of course I remember specific presents that I absolutely loved, but for the most part, I couldn’t tell you what I got each year or who gave it to me. 
However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Take a few minutes to digitize your presents in your SHOTBOX. Include the gift tag so that you can keep track of who gifted what to you. Then reach out to those individuals and thank them!


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