Family Fun Holiday Activities You Don’t Want to Miss Out On!

This time of year is an opportunity for families to do activities together and spread the season’s cheer. Enjoy some of the following fun ideas and don’t forget to digitize the finished products in your SHOTBOX:

1. Paper Snowflakes

Who said decorations had to be shiny plastic out of a store-bought box? Get your family together and make paper snowflakes to decorate your home or door-dash decorate for that neighbor you know might be feeling a little alone this year. 

Personalize your snowflake with your name. Or for other pattern ideas and an easy tutorial go to EzyCraft’s “Paper snowflake tutorial - learn how to make snowflakes in 5 minutes” on YouTube.

2. Handmade Holiday Cards

Store-bought cards can be pretty nice and funny, but they can also be great inspiration. Handmade gifts often mean the most to the ones receiving them because of the time and effort which goes into making them. 

This year, gather up those spare ribbons, colored paper and stickers, and find a great pattern you’d like to emulate to make your own cards. You can visit Shot With SHOTBOX's Cards/Paper page for some ideas and tutorials.

3. Photo Ornaments

Preserving our family history starts with preserving the life we are living, and people tend to do this unknowingly by decorating their tree with photo ornaments. Take some time to sit down with your kids and have each make a photo ornament to commemorate their year. 

Common designs are to simply frame them, or make the ornament look like a present or a wreath. To make glass photo ornaments, visit ClutterBug’s YouTube tutorial “DIY: How to make Christmas Photo Ornaments”. You can also follow these instructions to make playing card photo ornaments.


4. Holiday-themed Animation Productions

Let your kids’ creativity go wild with animation and stop-animation mini productions. Perhaps make popsicle nativities and play out the story of Jesus’s birth, or tell Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’s tale. Check out examples from


5. Holiday Goodies

Cookies, fudge, caramels - this time of year is full of delicious homemade goodies. Digitize your recipes by taking a video of the process using the SideShot Arm and make a festive setup inside the SHOTBOX to take a picture of the finished treats. 

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