The Versatile, Portable,
Ultimate Photo Studio

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What can you do with SHOTBOX?

With just your smartphone or camera device and your SHOTBOX, there are endless possibilities of what you can capture.

Top Down Photography

By placing your camera on top of the SHOTBOX, you can take scanner quality images quickly and easily.

Perfect For







And More

Object Photography

Using the Sideshot attachment, you now have a high quality photo studio that lets you capture pictures of any object.

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Product Shots


And More

Examples of Photos Taken inside the SHOTBOX

Save precious memories, take incredible pictures, and do so much more with your SHOTBOX. What are you waiting for?

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Real Photos Taken In SHOTBOX


All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! The SHOTBOX is a very welcome and needed product to not only the genealogical community but to almost anyone! It has saved me so much time when digitizing my ancestry! It is simply amazing! Plus it has so many other uses! Who would have thought? I just love it!

Daniel J

I just want to let you know that i finally got my SHOTBOX and I'm so happy with it. Money well spent in my book. It certainly made everything so easy for me as far as taking pictures of my inventory is concerned. I also cannot wait to show SHOTBOX to my brother (who is a professional photographer). 


I just wanted to say that your product went above and beyond my expectations. It works perfect. The portability is just awesome and my Etsy shop pictures have dramatically improved. Worth every penny!

Christopher B

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Perfect for Top Down Photography
Includes the base SHOTBOX model.

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Deluxe Bundle

Includes SHOTBOX, Sideshot, Four
Backdrops, and a Deluxe Carrying Case

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Other Products

Shutter Cable

Take a picture with the touch
of a button.

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Backdrop Kit

Four Backdrops to use
inside SHOTBOX

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Deluxe Bag

Carry your SHOTBOX
in style.

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Set up scenes inside SHOTBOX with
the all new Panels System.

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