Things You May Not Have Thought To Digitize

We talk so much about photographs, food, heirlooms and businesses, but other objects that deserve to be preserved in more than just memory can very often take the shape of favorite hobbies. 

I’m not even gonna try to list off all the possible hobbies that exist, and not all of them will fit inside a SHOTBOX, but I hope this list will inspire you to think about what you enjoy and how you can capture the moments.

If you’ve read Unboxing Your SHOTBOX, you know I’m all about the arts and crafts, so - shocker - that’s the first hobby arena that I’d suggest be digitized. This includes anything from sketches to paintings; to cross-stitched, crocheted, knitted and embroidered projects; and from clay figurines to pottery, woodworking, metalworking, glass-blowing and any other number of artistic projects. This can even include stop motion animation where the SHOTBOX becomes your stage.

Another arena is collectibles. Grandpa’s coin collection, a stamp collection, your own POP collectibles - everyone collects something. I grew up collecting miniature souvenirs on family vacations around the world. I think it goes without saying that I HAVE to get those digitized. Depending on the size and kind of collectibles, many pieces can be placed in the SHOTBOX at once, or be digitized individually. Make it creative by setting the scene to give the image a specific vibe, have your collectibles interact with each other to tell a story. 

The last arena I’ll mention is tabletop games and figurines. Generally, these figurines are small enough to be photographed in bunches, perhaps even depicting a scene from your tabletop game. Some people are even creating 3D-printed versions of their characters and/or are personalizing them. 

If you visit the Miniac channel on YouTube you’ll find great tutorials on how to paint and take care of your tabletop figurines. 

Also, in last month’s newsletter, Christina Moseley Pinckard was nominated SHOTBOX superhero of the month. After her husband’s passing in 2015, leaving her to care for their two sons who have

autism, Christi began a startup company that sells different class dice for tabletop games. This gives her the opportunity to support her boys while being with them. After two long years she had her prototypes in place and needed quality photos that would capture the essence of her products. That’s when she was introduced to SHOTBOX. Support Christi by checking out her website!

Contact Amy, our Chief Experience Officer, at or call 800-537-3314 if you know any other outstanding superheroes SHOTBOX should spotlight!

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