iPhoneography - Are You Destined To Become An iPhoneographer?

Since Apple’s introduction of an iPhone with a 2.0 megapixel camera in 2007, the iPhone camera has only gotten better. Today, more people use their phones to capture high-quality pictures for blogs, businesses and build photography portfolios than cameras.

Due to the ease of transport, ability to take photos, edit and publish on a single device, the art of iPhoneography – creating photography with an iPhone – is booming. If you want to get started as an iPhoneographer here are some tips, accessories and apps for the trade.

iPhoneography Tips and Tricks

As a new iPhoneographer, first you must get familiar with your iPhone camera app. Your app can be opened from a locked home screen by swiping up or from the right, or by selecting the camera icon when your phone is unlocked.

Next, explore different camera modes, effects and filters. You can select different camera modes by scrolling over the options above the shutter-button or preview filters by selecting the three-circle icon in the lower, right-hand corner.

To familiarize yourself with your iPhone’s effects and filters, take a test picture. After you snap a photo, you’ll see a small icon of your test picture in the left-hand corner – select it for editing.

To apply effects, crop or filter options, select ‘Edit’ at the bottom of your picture. Spend time exploring each of these tools and preview them on your photo.

With the basics behind you – here are some additional iPhoneography tips and tricks:

  • Clean your lens to prevent spots on your photos
  • Tap your screen to focus
  • Use the grid tool in your camera app to line up your shots (must be turned-on in “Settings” for “Photos and Camera”)
  • You can take multiple shots by holding down the shutter
  • The rear facing camera will give you the best photos
  • For best results, adjust brightness and saturation before applying filters to your photos
  • The headphones that came with your iPhone can be used as a remote for picture taking. Launch the camera app, plug-in headphones and press the up-volume key to snap photos.

iPhoneography Apps and Accessories

With your career as an iPhoneographer underway, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the tools and apps of the trade. Below is a list of the best iPhoneography accessories and apps.

  • SHOTBOX- a tabletop, light-studio perfect for taking pictures of family heirlooms, food, art and crafts. SHOTBOX contains an adjustable LED light, optional backdrops, a charging station for iPhone and is conveniently portable. The  photo box allows for a variety of iPhoneography angles in a controlled environment.
  • Tripod – a miniature tri-pod for smart phones. When taking pictures of family, friends or landscapes, use a tripod to avoid blurry pictures.
  • Magnetic Lenses – a variety of professional photography lenses have been adapted to fit your iPhone. Use these small, magnetized lenses to take wide-angle shots, fisheye or polarized pictures.
  • ProHDR – is an iPhone app used to create High Dynamic Range images. The app creates photos with more luminosity and works well in contrast light settings.
  • Snapseed – is comparable to Photoshop for your iPhone. You can crop, rotate and transform images by adding filters or styles to make them pop and glow.
  • Mextures – can be used to restore depth and texture to your photos. You can make the natural elements in your pictures, such as trees or grass, look more realistic.

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