What's New in the Family Connections Experiment


The 21 Day Family Connections Experiment - a family history community project built by the community for the community - shares 2020 results and reveals new 2021 features.


Two 21-day experiments were held in 2020 - in May and in October. The May event alone saw 5,500 participants from 77 different countries. The website had 86,000 views which lasted on average two minutes, suggesting that people were getting involved with the experiment, and the experiment has more than 3,400 followers on social media.

Surveys are included in the experiment to collect data on its psychological effects. “We have mood improvements when we connect with family more and are deliberate about that, so we want to share that,” says Olivia Jewell, the experiment’s founder. 

The following results were pulled from the surveys:

  • In May, 75% of those who filled out the end survey said their mood had improved
  • By the end of the experiment, the number of those who claimed to feel anxious or depressed ‘often’ significantly decreased and nearly 75% fell into the ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ categories.
  • Similarly, in the end survey,0- none claimed they still felt unloved ‘always’ or ‘often’ - leaving 97% of responses as ‘rarely’ and ‘never’.
  • In October, an added question showed that the majority of participants felt that overcoming their bad habits was not as problematic to them anymore.


  1. The experiment has launched a new homepage that will make it easier for individuals to connect - even if they don’t join the experiment - through an idea generator which suggests five-minute-long connecting activities. 
  1. The website also includes a ‘Contribute’ page, where the community can submit activity ideas and 21-day projects if they have 21 activities to go along with a theme. 
  1. In response to feedback from the community, the experiment will run each month instead of biyearly to make it easier for individuals to join the experiment at a time which is convenient for them.

More opportunities to contribute

The 21 Day Family Connections Experiment team releases four ‘How To’ videos a month. Community members can suggest ideas or create the videos themselves. These are to last five minutes or less. Individuals can also join the team to create the monthly experiment plans. Contact Camille Mecham, the perspective director, for more information.

The experiment’s social media platforms host multiple monthly events:

Instagram - Instagram takeovers, an activity where the community can share how it’s connecting. Simply tag the experiment in your story so the Family Connections team can reshare it to theirs. Takeovers follow the monthly themes.

Twitter - Twitter Plan Reveal parties are held on the Friday after the 21st of each month at 7PM MT. Individuals can sign up to be co-hosts. Join the party to win prizes, hear about the upcoming months theme, and contribute your own ideas.

Facebook - The Family Connections team posts questions on Facebook for experts to answer. Also daily featured plan prompts, and loads of other fun ways to connect.

Monthly challenges - The team generates their own challenges. Family history challenges from other influencers and individuals can be shared on the experiment’s social media pages as well. 

Interviews - Interviews with influencers and experts are also needed shared via Youtube and other social channels.

For information on any of these events and opportunities, contact Taralyn Parker, the inviting director and social media expert. Or visit the Contribute page to be included on the newsletter or contribute your ideas.