Creative Backdrop Ideas for Your Product Photography

When it comes to product photography, an all-white background is typically people’s go-to background. White is simple, yet striking. It provides a clean look and ensures a viewer’s complete focus is on the product. It’s often referred to in the photography world as the Infinity Curve.

But white can also be boring. And if you want your different product shots to really stand out from your online competitors, then you’ve got to think outside the white box. You have to get colorfully creative with what’s around you.

So if you need a little push down the creative path, here are 7 creative backdrop ideas for eye-catching and converting product photography.

1. Tiles


Tiles are easy to cart around, so they’re great for on-the-go photographers. Plus, there are various types you can use, all of which you can get at just about any hardware store. One product photographer loves black granite tile because it creates a clean shot and is reflective, which is perfect for product photography, as well as vinyl tiles because they’re lighter than granite and clay tiles and are even more portable while costing about the same as the other types. Also available are white granite, textured and wooden surfaced tiles. In some shoots, you could use one tile as your base and another as your background.

2. Computer Wallpaper


A desktop or laptop can work, but a larger desktop screen is probably your best option. And what we really love about this unique idea is that it’s free and the background options are limitless. Choose whatever background image you want, set it as your computer’s wallpaper and then place your product in front of the screen. You might need to stack your product on books, a shoebox or something else to get it at the right level though.

3. Kitchen Placemats


Placemats are cheap and come in dozens of colors, patterns and themes. They’re easy to store inside a drawer or box. You can head to your local store to browse your options until you find the exact one you need, or better yet, save yourself a few bucks and use the ones already on your dining room table. We were being serious when we said just look around and get creative with objects already around you.

4. Sheet Music or a Newspaper


Whoever said you can only read sheet music and newspapers? We, and a few other like-minded creatives out there, think these pieces of paper make great product photography backgrounds. The black and white background of each gives you a nice contrast. And the music sheet idea is also a fun background, especially if one of your passions is music and your product is music-related. Just be careful that all the notes or words don’t distract from your product. Also, shoot with more vibrant colored products, as paler shades, like cream or light yellow, don’t show up as well.

5. Books


Like sheet music or newspapers, placing a product inside an open book is another way to achieve a nice contrast thanks to the book’s white and black pages. But you can also set your product up against a thicker, closed book. Be sure to use smaller products with this background, and choose the book type, i.e. vintage, retro or modern, based on what fits best with the product you’re photographing.

6. Pictures


You can use actual photos, cards, or magazines with pictures. The right picture can really create an interesting backdrop when its colors and style complement your product. But be cautious of what you use because the wrong color palette can clash with your product’s colors. But, the right picture background will perfectly enhance your product’s tones.

7. Art Panels

Another way to build the scene of your product photography is with art panels. These panels are custom-sized and easy to set up inside the SHOTBOX and guaranteed to stay put during your photo session since they’re magnetic. There are 12 fun prints to choose from, including a brick wall, rocks, grass, dirt, water and a few others, all of which will make your product look like it’s actually sitting in the dirt or up against a brick wall outside.