How to Get the Most Out of Your SideShot Arm

A USB cord is provided to plug into the SideShot Arm and attach to the Shotbox. LED light strips on the back of the SideShot will turn on with the SHOTBOX, but they will not dim when the dimmer switch is in use.

The SideShot Arm fits comfortably in the holes on top of the SHOTBOX - the middle hole is the one individuals typically use as it provides a full view inside the SHOTBOX.

Below are tips on ways to use the SideShot Arm for best results:

TIP #1

If the device you are using to take your pictures is large, support feet can be lowered on the SideShot to give your device more stability.

TIP #2

To modify the angle of your picture-taking, the SideShot Arm’s hinge can be moved into the desired position. A knob on the SideShot, when turned, loosens the two parts of the Arm so that it can be raised or lowered as another method to find your desired angle.

TIP #3

When taking pictures of objects such as boxes, which have patterns on both the top and the sides, the SideShot Arm can be placed in the back hole. This will prop the Arm up so that it is angled to take an effective picture of both the top and front side of the object.

TIP #4

When you need extra lighting, but don’t particularly need the SideShot Arm to place your device on, it can be put in any of the holes simply for that purpose. Placing it in either the right or left hole can act as shadow control, similar and in addition to the toggle switch.

TIP #5

The SideShot Arm can be laid beside the SHOTBOX, with its LED light strips angling inward, to reduce shadows caused by the SHOTBOX lights.

TIP #6

Using one of the lighting suggestions in TIPS #4 and #5, you can take your device into the SHOTBOX for close-up pictures of small items. It is better to get close to the item you are digitizing rather than to zoom in or crop the picture afterwards as the image would then become pixelated.


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