Meet Amy

Amy Baty, Chief Experience Officer at SHOTBOX, takes care of customer service and satisfaction as well as customer outreach. She has been with the company a year now while also working at the Lexington Law Firm in credit repair and taking care of her five children with her husband, Jeff. 

While reflecting on when SHOTBOX creator Aaron Johnson had first reached out to Amy with the job offer, she says, “From the minute I came over and he showed me a demonstration, I was hooked. I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of the company. I think the vision is fantastic.”

An eye opening introduction

Before being introduced to the SHOTBOX, Amy had never considered family history and its importance before. Communication with her family back east is sparse however, so learning about SHOTBOX instilled in her the desire to create a history now to pass down to her kids and their kids. She has chosen to start by capturing memories of her children through their artwork.

“Anything that they give me, I want to keep forever,” Amy says. “Though, obviously I can’t keep every piece of paper forever, so I take pictures of every project they bring back from school. It’s fantastic.”

Snapping a photo vs capturing a shot

To take a photo you only need to know which button to push, but as Amy points out, simply taking a picture will not necessarily capture the essence of what the object is. She explains that the light never seemed right - or when it came to photos, papers and documents she could never read them on the screen afterwards. Eventually Amy stopped taking pictures of such objects altogether. 

But once Amy saw what the SHOTBOX can do, it revamped the way she thinks about the possibility of digitizing. Now, anything she thinks is of any value, goes inside her SHOTBOX so she can pass it on. 

“I absolutely love the idea of making digital memories so that we can pass them on to our future generations and keep everything forever, just in case something should happen to the actual memory or heirloom itself,” says Amy.

If you have questions about SHOTBOX and its products,feel free to contact Amy at or call 800-537-3314.  

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