4 Product Shots You Must Have for Selling on Etsy

Whether you’re already selling on Etsy or you want to become an Etsy seller, we have one question for you—What do you think is the most important element of your online business?

If you guessed having a great product or creatively helpful product descriptions, you guessed wrong. While great products and descriptions are needed, when it comes to online selling, product photography is your best asset.

Product photos are the element that can generate or turn away hundreds of online sales. They communicate product details to shoppers that the words in your product description simply can’t, no matter how awesome your writing skills are. Product photos are what shoppers see first. A quality image captures and holds a shopper’s attention, helps give them a holistic understanding of your product and can even lower your return rate.

But you don’t need fancy camera equipment to take quality Etsy product imagery. To sell a lot of product on Etsy, include these 4 product shots with each product you’re selling.

1. The Close Up

[Source: EldorTinaJewelry Etsy shop]

This shot is exactly what its name says it is—a close up photo of your product. You want this shot to show off the quality, texture and other fine details of your product, its materials and design. Getting up close and personal showcases the intricate stitching that went into your pillow cover, the hours you spent hand painting that sign and any other details you want highlighted. It’ll make potential customers better appreciate your product and effort in making it.

Photography tip: Be sure your object is well lit, and get as close to your product with your camera as you can while keeping a sharp focus on it.

2. The Plain Jane

[Source: GoldieSupplies Etsy shop]

A simple background is the clearest and most effective way to show shoppers what you’re selling and what they’re receiving. A plain backdrop puts total focus on the product and avoids potential distractions or setting unrealistic expectations of what customers are buying.

Photography tip: Make sure there is plenty of bright light, and use a plain, solid-colored background. White is typically a good choice.

3. The True to Scale

[Source: OAKYdesigns Etsy Shop]

Since consumers can’t physically touch or try on your product, they need to see your product on or next to something to get an idea of how low that necklace will hang on them or how big that vase is in pictures. Provide photos of your clothing and accessories on a human model. If your products aren’t ones you wear, then place your product next to another familiar item to show its true size, like your wedding centerpiece on a table next to a couple other decorations.

Photography tip: For clothing items, it’s a good idea to provide a few photos of your product on a few different-sized models so shoppers can see how your apparel fits on their body type.

4. The Lifestyle Shot 

[Source: KTRCOLLECTION Etsy shop]

When a potential customer sees a picture of your product, they need to imagine wearing or using it. Taking a picture of your product in its natural element, like a swimsuit cover on a model at the pool, helps the shopper see himself or herself owning your product.

Photography tip: People’s imaginations, styles and uses might be different for your one product so do your best to match each shoppers’ mental image. As an example, if you’re selling wall art, take a variety of photos of it hanging in different rooms and amongst different decor to show how great it looks throughout someone’s home.