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Product Photo & Online Selling Photography Light Box

Today it’s easier than ever to sell online. But actually launching your very own eCommerce business is another story.

In order for your online shop to succeed, there are 3 big things you have to do:

- Make sure your website design is top-notch and user-friendly.

- Be active on social media.

- Provide quality customer service.

And you know one thing that will help you with each of these? Appealing photography!

Nobody wants to see boring stock photos or blurry product photos. Well-lit, high-quality photos help you better evoke the colors and textures of whatever you’re selling. They make customers feel like they’re looking right at your product instead of squinting through a screen trying to figure out if that shirt is blue or purple.

The SideShot provides a superb solution for using your smartphone for 3D objects. It’s easy to attach and move to find the perfect angle for your photo.

The SideShot enables you to adjust the height, distance and angle instantly. LED's are mounted on the back to provide additional key lighting.

If you’re an online shop owner, the SHOTBOX product photography light box is for you! It’s a worthwhile business investment that, along with the SideShot accessory and Backdrop Kit, lets you take perfectly lit pictures of items you’re selling online on popular sites like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.

When a customer is looking at a photo that perfectly depicts your product, there’s less chance of them returning a product that didn’t match their expectations, saving you the hassles of returns and lost revenue and time.

But, the SHOTBOX isn’t just for eCommerce businesses.

Are you an individual who takes advantage of selling old tech gadgets, household appliances and other things in the local classifieds? Then you need this portable product too! The SHOTBOX gives online shop owners as well as those looking to sell random items they no longer need a quick, easy way to photograph their items and place them for sale online.

Bring your online store into a customer’s living room with professionally-looking product photos—without the professional price.

Sample Shots

"This product gives small business owners, crafters and online shop owners a quick and easy way to photograph their items and place for sale." ~ Jessica Goodwin