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The SideShot Add-On - SHOTBOX

The SideShot Add-On

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SideShot is an attachable arm with built-in LED strips to provide key lighting to take superb pictures of 3D objects.  Height, angle, and distance are easily adjustable and the platform is built for smart phones, smart cameras and tablets.  Designed for online sellers, bloggers, hobbyists and collectors to take perfectly lit photos. 


- Simple placement foot

- Adjustable to height, distance and angle.

- Two 12" COB LED lighting strips on underside of platform.


- Power cable (tethers to SHOTBOX).


This is an add-on to the SHOTBOX. Pair the SideShot with the Backdrop Kit Add-On or the Panels Add-On for more backgrounds!


Included in the SHOTBOX Add-Ons Bundle that includes all four add-ons for the price of three!

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