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Family History with SHOTBOX

Time affects almost everything. Time puts wrinkles on our skin and white strands in our hair. It puts cracks in the pavement and curls around the edge of a photograph. The only way to preserve something from the winds of time is to document it—digitize it! Preserving artifacts and photographs from before the digital age can be extremely difficult. However, SHOTBOX helps you take well-lit photos of documents, pictures and objects that will stand the test of time.


Genealogical Charts, Journals, Legal Documents, Photographs, Notes, etc.

Funny story—the SHOTBOX was originally intended to be a new-and-improved method for scanning! The thought was that  canners can be too dim, too small and too difficult to use. We created something with a brighter light, a larger surface area and a simpler set-up so you can achieve better-than-scanner quality copies of your documents with your smartphone! 

Object Photography

Historical Artifacts, Collections, Personal Belongings, etc.

Taken with Deluxe Bundle

Taken with Panels

Naturally, we quickly realized the potential of SHOTBOX and began to explore the concept of treating it as a light box for object photography. We wanted to make object photography more accessible for normal people who don’t have access to a photography studio or professional light setup.The SHOTBOX is collapsible, making it easy to store or set up anywhere. It’s simple to use—all you do is pop it up, plug it in and turn the lights on! It is intended to be used with a smartphone, so no fancy cameras are required.


Perfect for scanning.

Deluxe Bundle

Perfect for scanning and object photography.