The Most Innovative Light & Photo Studio


One of the things I've offered for 30 years now as a creative project development and management company is obviously professional quality simple production. This includes product development/photography/videography. It's never been the most profitable offering within my business, as it usually turns into much more work than it's worth... but I still do it because I truly value my clients both old and new. But over the years admittedly, I've purposely jacked up the prices when it comes to this kind of work/development... and simply due to these smaller gigs almost always lack the appropriate funding (low budgets - but still at least $350-$700 for the smallest quick in & out project) and rarely worth the time and effort as a business. So when my good buddy Aaron Johnson came up with his new mind child calling it the SHOTBOX, I decided to jump in and do all I could to help him (professionally speaking & as his friend) any way I could to see that it got "developed" properly ((values in clear practical applications, affordability and distribution)) and to the public in a timely way. I must admit... I did very little at the end of the day than to simply cheer him and his team on and assist in simple marketing and promotional efforts as they finally reached fruition to the public market. It's FINALLY HERE!! Sooooo stoked for him and his amazing company. And I have to admit... my beautiful wife Lynda and I (not to mention the kids) are all literally ADDICTED to this contraption called SHOTBOX!!

When you see the price... you'll just laugh! It's ridiculously affordable!!

This is most definitely one product that EVERYONE can use... not only saving on create development but representing your products and company at higher levels concerning quality and online posturing. I'd HIGLY recommend taking a look for yourself. It's ridiculous how affordable this actually is compared to what it actually provides in value. Just see for yourself . . .

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