The Core Backdrops and How to Use Them

There are four faux leather Core Backdrops - black, white, green and blue. They come rolled with rods at both ends. The tops have two cutouts from which to hang the Backdrops on hooks found in the back wall of the SHOTBOX.

TIP #1

To get wrinkles out of the faux leather, iron with medium heat either on the back side of the faux leather or with a thin sheet between the iron and the front side. Ensure your iron surface is clean before use.

TIP #2

Dust can be visible on the black backdrop. Wipe it down with a damp soft cloth. Visibility of dust can also be reduced through photo editing on your device.

TIP #3

The backdrops may try to roll up during use. Heavy, small objects such as butter knives and weights can be placed on the faux leather to keep it in place. Or, the end of the backdrops can be tucked under the SHOTBOX.

TIP #4

Once placed in the SHOTBOX, the depth of the back infinity corner can be adjusted by pulling the Backdrop’s lower end out of the front end of the SHOTBOX and inch or two when taking a photo.

TIP #5

The black backdrop can be turned around for use as a fifth, gray canvas backdrop.

TIP #6

The green backdrop can double as a greenscreen for photo and video editing.

TIP #7

Attach Glare Shields and plug in the SideShot Arm to make the black backdrop appear blacker on your device.

TIP #8

Remove Glare Shields, but keep SideShot Arm plugged in to make the white backdrop appear whiter on your device.