Prepare Yourself for Massive Loss

Article by Aaron Johnson, Owner & Inventor of SHOTBOX

We are one generation away from a massive loss in our collective world history. I write this article to act as a call-to-action in the hopes that it inspires some to engage in solutions to this alarming problem.

The problem that I speak of, specifically, is of all the personal, family and community records, stories, photos, albums and other precious memorabilia that are currently just locked away in boxes, stored on dusty shelves and tucked in the back of closets or attics. These materials are most likely singular in nature, one-offs, and they are at a huge risk of loss, destruction, damage or even just being thrown away. With time, the people who can identify the significant who, what, where, when and why’s of these materials pass on, leaving the memories lost and the materials meaningless.

I personally have over 15 boxes of materials from my own family, my parents and my grandparents. To say that these books, photos and stories are extremely valuable is an understatement at best. In light of the extreme number of natural disasters in our world lately, I am acutely aware of the tragic loss of millions upon millions of essential records that have been destroyed. It is important that we try to do our best to recover what we can, but it is more important that we learn a lesson and take preemptive measures to prevent future loss.

It is time to act. All of us, of every age, can collectively act to preserve, organize and share our portion of available history. The goal could be individual, family, community or larger—it is important in any case. This is why I invented the SHOTBOX. It is a self-contained tabletop light box photo studio that, for all intents and purposes, can act as a digitization tool or scanner. By basically taking photos of photos, we do what a scanner has traditionally done without the need of a computer, monitor or scanner. The SHOTBOX simply needs to be paired with any photo-taking device—even your smart phone!

The key features the SHOTBOX provides are:

Mobility: The SHOTBOX simply collapses so you can sling it over your shoulder and be on your way!

Compatibility: The SHOTBOX can be used with any DSLR, smartphone or digital camera. While it can be used with fancy photography equipment, the SHOTBOX was designed to be used with a smartphone. This adds the benefit of being able to do quick fingertip editing, further eliminating the need for a computer and more in-depth photo editing software. Another added benefit of using a smartphone with the SHOTBOX is that the auto-sync features of most platforms make it extremely easy to backup the photos you take.

Balanced Lighting: Any recent camera plus good lighting can put a scanner to shame when it comes to great visual results.

Size: The SHOTBOX opens the door to oversized scanning like never before. It easily fits a 12x12 scrapbook page that will simply not work on a standard scanner.

Speed: Instead of watching a light bar go back and forth, simply tap the shutter button and move on to the next record.

Versatility: Materials and objects come in all shapes and sizes. The SHOTBOX will accommodate the vast majority of memorabilia you’re trying to preserve.

Objects: Scanners are confined to a 2D playing field, whereas the SHOTBOX is exactly as the name suggests—a box. You can take photos of your objects from the top-down, the front-in or other angles that work best for you. You can dress up the “stage” for your objects with simple, flat-colored backgrounds or textures and realistic prints.

I would hope that, if you’re reading this, you’ll consider taking action toward getting the history in your home contained, digitized and backed up. I highly recommend that you pick up a SHOTBOX to get started.

You can use my personal code of AARON30 at checkout for $30 off the Deluxe Bundle. Tell all of your memory loving friends! It’s time we take control of our history!