My Heart on Paper SHOTBOX Review

Hello Friends, today is not a crafty project post, but instead i wanted to give you my opinion of a very cool light box that first appeared on Kickstarter months ago. Its called the SHOTBOX .

When i first did some research on this i thought, hmm maybe this is the answer to all my photography problems, so i funded the project and waited with anticipation to get my email that it had finally shipped.

You might be wondering what the SHOTBOX is all about? One of my biggest challenges all the time as a class instructor and Design Team Member is getting good photos of cards and layouts. Residing in south western Ontario does not always allow me to take good crisp photos of my projects, especially during the winter months ( which can really be four - five months of the year)

When a friend told me about this kickstarter funding program for a new light box set up specifically made for crafters, I had to check it out!

Moving forward all my projects will now be photographed in The SHOTBOX If you have an Etsy Store, or Ebay, and you happen to photograph all your hand made items, this is a tool you will want to have!