How to Finally Organize Your Family Keepsakes by Cathi Nelson at Houzz

Our keepsakes are tangible proof of our experiences, and they carry a significant weight of meaning and tell a story of their own. Many of us have boxes, or even rooms, filled to the brim with these keepsakes: family heirlooms, your grandmother’s birth certificate, baby clothes or your children’s artwork from kindergarten.

The truth is, a lot of the things we save can be thrown away. But if the item has a story attached to it and you’re willing to put in the time to archive the item and its story, then save it! Your children will especially love to look back on their childhood when they are about to head off to college, and future generations will be able to have the items that complement the story of your family’s history. The boxes of keepsakes in our basement, closets and attics don’t have to stay hidden and unorganized anymore. Here are six tips to help motivate you — while easing your fear — to organize and archive these precious treasures.

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