5 Lesser Known Tips on How To Become a Top Food Instagrammer

Every food Instagrammer wants two things: increase their number of likes per photo and increase their following.

You see other foodie accounts posting scrumptious looking and artfully arranged food photos every day, and each one racks up hundreds upon hundreds of likes. But, what do you have to do to go from 50 likes to 500? And how do you grow your Instagram followers fast as well?

You know you have the needed food skills to become a famous food Instagrammer. But it takes more than good cooking and baking skills or the ability to find the best restaurants; it also takes hard work and the right execution.

Follow our 5 lesser known tips to give your Instagram profile and photos the needed boost you’re craving.

1. Use quality imagery.

Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s no surprise why you need quality food photos to become a well-known account. Quality food imagery is all about the right kind of effort, not money. You don’t need high-end camera equipment—you just need your iPhone and the SHOTBOX. Simply place this photography light box on your kitchen counter or dining room table, style your food and scene inside the box, don’t turn all the lights on inside to help reduce glare, stick your phone in the SideShot and snap your photos. Two of the great things about the SHOTBOX for food photographers is the lighting is always on point and you can position your iPhone for the best angle, either a top-down or front-facing view.

Another thing to note with Instagram food photos is don’t ruin the appeal of your mouthwatering masterpiece by going filter crazy. Filters are great for selfies, not for food shots. Keep the perfect lighting the SHOTBOX gives you so you don’t distort the vibrancy of your foods.

2. Timing is everything.

Anyone wanting to boost their following knows in order to get the attention and likes and earn followers, you have to know when your target audience is active on Instagram and post during those times or right before. But besides that, as a food poster, you have to post foods when people want those foods, i.e. avocado toast and eggs during breakfast hours, a lunch speciality in the afternoon and cocktails or cake and ice cream at night.

3. Be predictable and consistent.

Are you all about breakfast foods? If breakfast really is your favorite meal of the day, then every morning post a picture of a breakfast food with a catchy and creative caption. Think of it like your favorite restaurant. You go there because you know what to expect; you know what’s great on the menu. But what if they started changing their menu every week? You wouldn’t know what to get, and you wouldn’t know if something was always going to be good. If you post breakfast foods every morning or your favorite dessert of the week every Friday evening like clockwork, people will expect and appreciate your predictability and consistency. They’ll make sure to check Instagram during that time just to see your new post.

4. Stay relevant.

What are people eating? What restaurant is the new big thing? What food trend is taking over your city or the country? (Like right now cauliflower anything is big.) So whatever it is, post about it. Instagram users care about what’s relevant right now, so to get on their radar, post about what’s trending right now in the food world.

5. Be yourself.

Perhaps the best tip I can give you is to just be original and personal. This is really the best way to connect with and relate to other Instagrammers. Instagram is a more personal form of social media than other platforms. So post what you love; don’t post something just because you think it’s going to get you hundreds of likes and new followers. Being yourself will help get you the interaction and follower numbers you want with regular Instagrammer followers.