The We Remember by Ancestry SHOTBOX Power Bundle

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The We Remember by Ancestry SHOTBOX Power Suite includes:

  • Streamlined Guide for We Remember by Ancestry
  • SHOTBOX Core Light Box
  • SideShot Kit - Smart device platform with an extra 12" of LED lighting
  • Backdrop Kit with Black, White, Green, and Blue backdrops
  • Black DELUXE Carry Bag - Shock-resistant neoprene. Zipped pockets to hold all other pieces.
  • Bluetooth Shutter Button
  • Cable Shutter Button
  • Glare Shield Set
  • Photo Dust Brush
  • Fingertip Sleeves (4)
  • Hold-Down Sticks (2)
  • Power Extension Cable

    Unlock all the stories buried in the memories and materials in your home. This bundle includes everything you need to capture and record the "micro-stories" of your life. Feel the peace of mind, satisfaction, and enjoyment of preserving these for those to come.

    A key portion of your purchase is membership in the "Get-It-Done Club". You will be part of a community of skills, talents, and resources to help you get whatever materials you have in your home that need to be digitized and preserved finished! It can be a daunting, confusing, and overwhelming process. We are here to help! 

    A vital part of this will be a focus on terminal, hospice, and even death situations. These experiences can be traumatic and difficult, to say the least. They represent a time that often leads to sorting through years and years of life that decisions need to be made of what to keep and what to let go of. The SHOTBOX system helps in that you can take quick, quality photos of items for archiving and sharing.

    This can be done in a family environment as well, potentially having children and siblings as part of the process. We invite you to take the challenge with us, to "get-it-done", and have the peace of mind and satisfaction that the legacies of your family and personal life are backed up, organized, and ready.


    The SHOTBOX is a Collapsible Tabletop Photo Light Studio that uses high-powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment to get great images with any camera, including smartphones, DSLR, and digital point-and-shoot.

    SHOTBOX is the only hard-shell photo studio on the market. It will last year after year. Just set it up in seconds when you need it, and stow it away when you don't. 

    Perfect for blogs, food, projects, scrapbooking, crafts, hobbies, collections, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, websites, and more. Get professional-level photos within minutes.

    A wonderful tool for great family activities, kid projects, home school, and classrooms. Perfect for all ages.

    Use the easy top-down setup to capture photos, journals, albums, scrapbooks, and more. The SHOTBOX is a quick alternative for traditional, time-consuming scanning.


    Money-Back Guarantee

    - Use with any camera you already own (Smartphone, DSLR, Digital)
    - Self-contained simplicity
    - No-Fuss Setup
    - 24" of high-powered COB LED contained within
    - The only hard shell studio of its kind
    - Top-down photography perfect for photos, documents, journals and albums
    - Toggle switch for Left, Center, and Right key lighting
    - Dimmer knob
    - Extra USB port to charge smart devices while using the box
    - Built-in easy carry handle
    - Includes Power Cable and Carry Bag
    - 16" Tall / 15"x14" Inside Floor