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Family History & Genealogy Photography Light Box

You’ve got all these family history documents sitting in a giant box in your basement and it’s time to get them digitized so you can make sure they’re safe (just in case your toddler finds your great aunt’s journal and thinks it’s her own personal coloring book) and so you can finally share them with the rest of your family.

But wait, does this mean you have to use a scanner? Sigh, you don’t even own a scanner...

No worries. It’s not the ‘90s anymore. You don’t need a scanner to digitize all your family documents and photographs. You’ve got the much more reliable and convenient SHOTBOX at your disposal.

Taking photographs of family history documents using SHOTBOX photography light box.

The SHOTBOX was designed with camera holes on the top of the box to allow for "Top Down" photography of 2D objects.

Photographing a family journal with SHOTBOX photography light box

Now you can replace your scanner with a SHOTBOX that provides perfect lighting to digitize family documents and photos.

The SHOTBOX is a photography light box that replaces the need for scanning. This collapsible and portable tabletop device provides the perfect lighting to take pictures of old photographs, journal entries, scrapbook pages and other family history documents because of its built-in LED light strips. It allows you to more clearly capture those handwritten letters between your great-great grandparents so you can see and read every loving exchange between them with complete clarity. 

To take a picture, simply place the photograph, piece of jewelry or whatever you want captured inside the SHOTBOX and then snap the photo from the front of the box or from the top via the already provided holes. You have the flexibility of using the camera on your smartphone or tablet or even your DSLR camera to capture each memory in digital format.

Some embark on the journey that is family history because it’s a fun hobby, while some do it because it’s a great learning experience. Whatever your reason, we all know it’s important, and the SHOTBOX makes doing family history work easier and much more efficient. Now you can digitally preserve all your precious family documents in a fraction of the time it would take you to scan them.

SHOTBOX is a great companion tool for those using or to do their family history.

Scanning without a scanner—your ancestors will be so proud of you.

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