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Photography Light Box For Educators & Classrooms

The role of a teacher is more than standing in front of a classroom full of kids lecturing about math, history, science, English, art or all of the above. You have to prepare lessons and help students apply different concepts through instruction and presentations, all while keeping them engaged and excited with what you’re teaching them about.

Whether you’re a preschool, elementary, middle school or high school teacher, we’ve got a product that’s going to help your students see more clearly into the subjects they’re learning about and will allow your students to get more hands on with their learning. It’s a product both you and your students are going to love having in the classroom. It’s the SHOTBOX.

The SHOTBOX was designed with camera holes on the top of the box to allow for "Top Down" photography of 2D objects.

Now you can replace your scanner with a SHOTBOX that provides perfect lighting to digitize family documents and photos.

With this portable photography light box—that’s lightweight and easy to set up and take down—it’s the perfect classroom accessory. Now you can take a crystal clear, up close picture of a sliced sedimentary rock, easily digitize it and then go in and use a photo editing app to point out the crystals and air bubbles inside the rock to use when teaching your students this part of science.

With the SHOTBOX’s design, you can take top-down or front-facing photos. You choose whichever angle works best for whatever project you and your students are working on at the time.

It’s great for high school students interested in photography as well as elementary students who want to take photos of their art projects. Whatever subject you’re teaching or assignment your students are working on that will fit inside this box, the SHOTBOX is your teacher’s aid that will help you conduct better in-class activities.

And why get just one? With this great price, you can order multiple and let your class divide up into groups so more students can use this cool teaching tool at once.

Sample Shots

"GOT MINE AND I LOVE IT! It is SO beautifully designed.....well thought out and so easy to use! Nicely constructed." ~ Janine Rudolph