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Documents & Art

Photography Light Box For Saving Documents & Art

If ever your house was to go up in flames (and we hope that never happens) it would sure be nice to have digital copies of all your important documents, wouldn’t it?

There are all kinds of documents you receive throughout your life that are necessary to keep—rental agreements, bills, receipts, journal pages, recipes, letters, your marriage certificate, etc. And don’t forget about the things your kids make and receive, like their Saturday morning artwork and school certificates.

Keeping these documents in paper form usually turns into a large, messy stack of papers and folders that takes over your home office. Digitizing helps rid your home of clutter, while keeping all those documents safely organized and readily accessible whenever you need them. It’s time for you to digitally preserve the documents that matter to you; but a scanner isn’t the answer; a photography light box is.

The SHOTBOX has built-in camera holes on top to allow for "Top Down" photography of 2D objects.

Now you can replace your scanner with a SHOTBOX that provides perfect lighting to digitize family documents, photos and art.

The SHOTBOX was designed to replace the time-consuming task of scanning through the hundreds of paper documents you have. This product provides a controlled, well-lit environment for taking pictures of journal entries, scrapbook pages, photos, art and other important family documents using your smartphone or tablet’s camera. It also works with a DSLR camera. And because it provides the perfect light, every word, image and color on every document shows up in perfect visibility.

This portable photography light box is so easy to set up and collapse when you’re done using it that even your kids can do it. It’s also easy to store and has built-in camera holes on top so you can take photos of your important documents the way you normally look at them, from the top down.

It’s time for you to digitize that pile of papers currently taking over your desk. And it’s time for you to digitize them using the SHOTBOX.

Sample Shots

"The SHOTBOX is a great product, providing controlled and well-distributed lighting for photographing documents and photos. It is easy to set up and collapse when done, and it provides options for different camera angles." ~ Kenneth Babcock