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Photography Light Box For DIY Crafts/Jewelry & Hobbies

Are you a coin collector? Candy maker? Homemade cards and gift giver? Or are you at your best when you’re taking plain, clear glass bottles and turning them into colorfully painted table decor?

Wherever your interests and talents lie, don’t hide them from the outside world. Don’t just be a numismatist who keeps his bulk pennies and early proof Jefferson nickels locked in a box inside an office safe or someone whose hands create DIY masterpieces but are never seen outside of your home. Take whatever fun, creative hobby you do for pleasure, relaxation or both, and show it off using the SHOTBOX.

The SHOTBOX is lightweight, collapsable, and portable, making any location an instant studio for your hobbies.

Take perfectly lit pictures of your DIY or Hobby projects with your smartphone or DSLR camera.

This photography light box was created to provide the perfect lighting and backdrop so you can snap clear, full-color photos of your stamp collection or yummy holiday candies to keep for yourself and to share with your online friends and followers. Pair the SHOTBOX with your smartphone or DSLR camera for professional level results. These photos are guaranteed to get you lots of love on Instagram and Facebook, and will have you looking just as good as some of those near-perfect DIYers on Pinterest (if not better).

The SHOTBOX is lightweight and collapsable, and you can set it up and take it down within a matter of seconds, making any location—like your kitchen table, arts and crafts table, office desk, garage, etc.—an instant photo studio for your hobbies and all your DIY projects.

You spend too much time creating handmade pieces of jewelry and molding squares of clay into unique pots to have them be unseen or not fully appreciated by all your friends and family because of bad, blurry photos. You put the time and effort into your hobbies and DIY crafts, so why not put a little more time and effort into taking high-quality photos of your finished projects?

Who knows, the SHOTBOX makes taking pictures so fun and easy, photography might just become your newest hobby.

Sample Shots

"My photos have improved greatly since using the SHOTBOX. It is so easy! They really thought of everything. It sets up in seconds and the backdrops are great." ~ Jennifer Sapp