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Photography Light Box For Bloggers

Food blogs. Fashion blogs. Beauty blogs. DIY blogs. Mommy blogs. Fitness blogs. Lifestyle blogs. Wedding blogs. Travel blogs.

Online bloggers, they’re everywhere… Are you one them?

Of course you are. Blogs are the perfect way to express yourself, inspire others and keep out-of-town family and friends up-to-date with the goings on of your life.

And as a company that blogs and has several employees who avidly follow various types of blogs, we’ll let you in on a little secret ingredient that’s going to take your blog to the next level—incorporating high-quality pictures with each blog post!

The SHOTBOX was designed with bloggers like you in mind. This photography light box provides backdrops and the best lighting you could ever ask for to make your pictures look fantastic when posted on your blog.

Plant with custom backdrops lit with SHOTBOX photography light box.

Take amazing photos of the things you are blogging about with SHOTBOX and the SideShot Accessory.

Sesame Street blogger photo shoot with SHOTBOX

SHOTBOX is versatile enabling you to take perfectly lit pictures using your smartphone or DSLR camera and tripod.

It’s versatile, easy to set up and brings convenience back into your life. Rather than only being able to take photos during certain times of the day, you no longer have to wait for that perfect daylight. You can perfectly capture your last smoothie and used ingredients to accompany your latest recipe blog post anytime of the day and from anywhere. The SHOTBOX is a lightweight portable photography box that can be placed on your kitchen counter, dining room table or your work desk.

There once was a time where a blog without photos did well, so long as the writing was really good. But that time has passed. Your audience wants to follow a blog that has good writing and beautiful, eye-catching photos.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have great photos, nor do you need a really expensive camera. To increase your blog post shares and blog traffic, all you need is your smartphone’s camera and the SHOTBOX to take professional-looking photos of your creative projects.

Sample Shots

"This is awesome. The price is right. Oh, and did I mention, if you use it with a cell phone, it has a built in USB power plug! They have thought of everything." ~ Ted Joffs