Capture your memories

Discover how easy it can be

Does this look familiar?

We all have boxes or even garages full of precious memories such as photos, scrapbooks, journals, and memorabilia that are one fire, flood or death from being gone forever.

2020 is the year to capture your

and more....

These precious memories are one

from being gone...

The SHOTBOX Memory Capture System is the fastest and easiest way to get it done.

The process is simple

1. Setup the SHOTBOX
2. Put any object you want saved on the inside
3. Take a picture using your smartphone

And just like that you are done!

Capture All Types of Memories

Pictures taken inside of the SHOTBOX

Get high quality results in a fraction of the time

Journal written in 1900s

Zoomed in

Just to Summarize


Capture All your Memories


Use your phone with the SHOTBOX

fast clock

The entire process is fast

smiling face

Not just doable, but enjoyable

Everything included in the
SHOTBOX Memory Capture Bundle


All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! The SHOTBOX is a very welcome and needed product to not only the genealogical community but to almost anyone! It has saved me so much time when digitizing my ancestry! It is simply amazing! Plus it has so many other uses! Who would have thought? I just love it!

Daniel J

I just want to let you know that i finally got my SHOTBOX and I'm so happy with it. Money well spent in my book. It certainly made everything so easy for me as far as taking pictures of my inventory is concerned. I also cannot wait to show SHOTBOX to my brother (who is a professional photographer). 


I just wanted to say that your product went above and beyond my expectations. It works perfect. The portability is just awesome and my Etsy shop pictures have dramatically improved. Worth every penny!

Christopher B

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