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The Concept and Need

Within the general marketplace exists the wide open space of using the camera on smart phones and devices in ways yet unexplored. Shotbox simply provides a light environment for people to use cameras they’ve already purchased in ways that they’ve never been able to before. The majority of people carry around untapped technology in their purse or pocket. It is our intent to tap it. There’s a bit of a disclaimer with this claim; there’s no reason our customers can’t use regular DSLR’s and Digital Cameras, and they do. It’s just the VERY marketable angle of expanding mobile abilities that resonates with the viewer.


There are three distinct uses and marketplaces for Shotbox: Online Sellers, Family History and Craft/Scrapbooking. Each of these represent substantial user bases of millions of people.
- Online Selling. This market is represented by Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Websites and any classified-based platform, representing well over 100 million user and sellers.

- Family History. The rapidly growing interest in genealogy and memories represents significant opportunity. We are working directly with the LDS Church to integrate Shotbox into their FamilySearch platform. By simply and quickly taking “top-down” photos we replace traditional scanners and computers.
- Craft and Scrapbooking (DIY). The current vibe of this market is epitomized by extremely successful platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy, which represent where the modern feminine creative energy has shifted to.


- Online sellers face the challenge of photo quality. Simply put, better photography and video sell more product. Sellers need professional level imagery and the only way to get it is to outsource to costly services or build their own cumbersome light studio. Shotbox represents easy setup, quick results and simple upload direct to online accounts.

- Family history is held back by very time-consuming scanners and computers. The need to accelerate and simplify digitization is an acknowledged problem, yet virtually no good solutions exist. Nearly every household has boxes and shelves full of cherished photos, albums, journals, scrapbooks and other memory-based valuables. Shotbox represents a way to quickly back up and share this material, which promotes peace of mind and satisfaction.

- The Craft and DIY market represents intrinsic desires to be creative and expressive. Coining the term “PhotoCrafting”, Shotbox leads the way in this category of photo-based expression by adding artwork elements that are staged within the Shotbox. Better seen than explained, you can view examples at

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